Living Area and Grounds

Residents of Anjelica’s Villa Care Home enjoy the comfort of individual private bedrooms, but socialization is greatly encouraged. Large and gracious common living and dining areas are shared by the residents. Outdoors the beautifully landscaped grounds of our ??acre property invite healthy daily exercise and exploration.
In the pleasant and intimate setting of Anjelica’s VillaCare Home, stimulating activities are planned for our residents. We endeavor to meet the interests of our residents and no one is overlooked. The following is a representative sample of the activities we plan:

  • Group birthday parties, holidays, and other celebrations.
  • Day tours of local points of interest.
  • Morning walks and exercise.
  • Outings to local cultural events, such as concerts, plays, and festivals.
  • Crafts, hobbies, and home arts such as flower arranging, stenciling, and stamp projects.
  • Gardening plots provided for residents with green thumbs.
  • Current and classic movies to be enjoyed during the evenings.
  • Group word games and puzzle solving.

At Anjelica’s Villa, we strive to provide exceptional living accommodations and ample opportunities for individual and group activities.


These elegant rooms enable our residents to maintain a degree of independence and privacy while still enjoying the benefits of 24 hour residential care.

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